12 Spectacular Times in Which Zara Larsson Was Truly Perfect and Brilliant

Zara Larsson has street smarts and a keen intellect. She takes reams of sexy selfies to give her fans a look into her life. But what does her love absolutely desire? More money, fame or better relationships? We may never know.

Zara Larsson has become the epitome of femininity. Satisfyingly, despite the colossal successes, Zara Larsson always remembers her roots. Her considerate nature is rare and admirable for a colossal talent like this.

A bit of perspective is helpful however.

Naysayers had been needlessly speculating whether Zara Larsson could ever defeat her main rival and take the winner’s seat. If Zara Larsson wants to munch casually on KFC after a hefty day at work, that’s her choice to think about. Stop judging!

This icon knows how to be a patriarchy slayer. And Zara Larsson knows how stand up for herself. Her life proves anyone can have it all of they work hard and believe in themselves.

Are you actually ready to feel inspired? Let’s examine all the reasons we treasure Zara Larsson.