SO Tasty! 12 Destinations Where Meals Become Art in Evansville, Indiana

Evansville, Indiana finally contains plenty of hip, nearby eating places for lunch and dinner. Delicious dishes await every turn in this town.

Rich white people from San Francisco that demand chef delivery service might not appreciate these places. Oh well! The doubters need to wake up. The recipes around here will make anyone starving for more. This is the type of town that Sarah Palin would call “Real America” and that makes us proud.

You could go with Italian spaghetti and meatballs. Or keep it meatless. These restaurants offer incredible options for outdoor seating. You could host a birthday party at these eating places nearby! Or when the seasons change you can dine inside and stay warm. Why not celebrate the good life and support the local economy?

Only hangry millennials can truly appreciate the hotspots around Evansville, Indiana. Jump in an Uber, hop in your truck or lace up your sneakers. You need to check in at one of these restaurants asap for a fine meal.

Eclipse Bistro, Tapas & More

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113 SE 4th St
Evansville, IN 47708