6 Valiant Cafeteries to Take Your Boss for Supper in Canton, North Carolina

Canton, North Carolina is filled with very real pubs. Unbelievable restaurants will cause indigestion because you will eat too much. Yet that is the highest compliment around here.

This town will likely not unseat a place like Boston as a culinary center. For real: this area should be on the radar for brainy foodies outside the South.

Canton, North Carolina has become an indubitable gastronomy area. And yet the ladies and gentlemen from nearby never distress whether or not celebrity epicureans feature this area on food TV. Whether guests like brown bread, potatoes or baked beans for their starch, there are strong temples of grub matched for their tastes.

Say you enjoy dairy. Well, you will prize the way the chefs de cuisine use delightful creams and tangy European cheeses in the bases of their primary sauces. Of the temples of grub we have selected, some are prudent and other Polish, Austrian and Peruvian joints are deluxe by North Carolina standards.

Can we finally settle the debate about the hottest Sri Lankan and Chilean restaurants? Call the Restaurant Association of North Carolina or whichever industry trade provides the prizes nowadays! These temples of feasting are the greatest in the South.

Sagebrush Steakhouse

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1941 Champion Dr
Canton, NC 28716