5 Well Known Restaurants to Understand Life In Lawton, Oklahoma

Lawton, Oklahoma is known now for its captivating restaurants that will warm your hearts and satiate your stomachs. Locals have been posting delicious pics on Instagram from the following restaurants. The hype is reaching epic proportions as new cafes and saloons pop up constantly to satisfy our hunger.

The fancy foodies might say this place has dog food on the menu, not people food. Celeb chefs might not get it and frankly, David Chang and the like can be hipster chefs elsewhere. We know we can eat right here.

Want tacos tonight? Or maybe pizza is how you want to party. The menus are bursting with fresh flavors and modern bases like noodles, quinoa and kale. Some are cheap eats and some are fancy white cloth eateries. All are Instagram worthy.

Let us settle the meatless Mondays argument by trying these cheerful eateries. It is about time to grub, eh?

Luigi’s Italian Restaurant

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207 S Sheridan Rd
Lawton, OK 73505