6 Fun Ways Serena Williams Has Been SO BAD

Serena Williams could be flirtatious in her own way. But she is mostly known for being fierce and brave. Confidence takes years and this lady shows the way.

At this moment, she’s the closest thing we have to a true superstar. There were some challenges along the way however.

Doubters had been whispering if she was wise and mature enough to have a long career. It’s not easy to fight the power structures of our age.

It’s all about the self-confidence and can-do attitude. Success only looks easy but it is really hard. Serena Williams is a living example of how you can change your fortunes by surrounding yourself with great mentors. If you follow good advice, good fortunes await.

If you agree, sound off in our comments section. Let us recap a handful of the reasons why we completely fell in love with Serena Williams.