14 Stunning Restaurants Which Are Redefining Food in Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, Vermont is not a seedy backwater anymore! Its restaurants are stuffed with dishes both palatable and succulent. They will cause chaos in your stomach because you will stuff yourself to sleep.

This is a smaller town in food world and admittedly, these delicious restaurants likely won’t win many Michelin stars. But don’t hate. Gordan Ramsay can take his mad man shtick somewhere else! This region might be small compared to NYC, but with so many locally sourced, sustainable ingredients, the cuisine really packs a punch.

Like stir-frying specialties? Or maybe you prefer roasted vegetables. Either way, get ready to feast. These restaurants offer incredible options for outdoor seating. You could host a birthday party at these eating places nearby! Or when the seasons change you can dine inside and stay warm. Taste any of these delicious dishes and you will be crawling back for more. They are simply that good.

Try Open Table, the cell phone, email. You may need to get reservations for these hotspots in Burlington, Vermont. Your tired taste buds will take a trip to flavor country.

Trattoria Delia

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152 Saint Paul St
Burlington, VT 05401