14 Ways Kendall Jenner Was Surprisingly Sexy

America needs more real heroes. This is why we admire Kendall Jenner. Her selfies are marvelous. But she still seems real even though she is a diva. You can tell she is probably pretty low key when she hangs out with her friends.

Men and women alike are superfans of this powerful lady. Yet there have been plenty of doubters along her way.

Critics had been asking if she had the confidence and personality to win in the big leagues. Was she too quirky? Yet that’s why we respect this woman. These tests took real courage to overcome.

Although she is a class act on camera, she knows you can work hard and play even harder. We heart her style, humour and grace under pressure. Show us the way girl!

Are you ready to be awed? We can’t wait to see what happens next in her perfectly crazy life. Here is solid proof Kendall Jenner is going to rule for a while!