Expensive Inns for Spoiling Bae In Soho, Manhattan

Occasionally, newcomers surely need to be pampered. Here in Soho, Manhattan you could easily find sensational resorts and inns and spas to reset and relax. Breathtaking restaurants are right out the door as an added bonus.

What is your go-to hotel booking site for lodging choices in the metropolis? Do you try Kayak, Hotels.com, Orbitz and Expedia or something cutting edge like the Exception Magazine? The creative agents with decades of travel experience universally agree that newcomers to Soho, Manhattan should arrive with their own ideas of how to define the amazing hotel.

We comprehend that many business jet-setters will pay extra for amenities and location. But some do want to find safe picks for a budget. To be candid, there have been complaints that the room sizes are small at a few of these inns and hotels. Regrettably, we have to chew over this reality. Other than that though, these actually are extraordinary inns and hotels.

These are the bank-busting party hotels that 50 Cent would book if they ever returned to New York City. We decidedly hope you enjoy your stay in Soho, Manhattan!

Hotel 50 Bowery NYC

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50 Bowery
New York, NY 10013