Wow! 16 Stars You Never Knew Were Scorpios

This world is run by Scorpios!  People born under this star sign are smart, sexy and bold in every way.

Scorpios are water signs and they can get emotional. But this passion translates into lots of success in life.

You may have known that Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is a Scorpio.  And Ryan Gosling is a heartthrob with enlightened masculinity – such a Scorpio trait!

But did you know Microsoft founder and super rich dude Bill Gates is also a Scorpio? Or how about Adam Driver from Girls and Star Wars?  It all kind of makes sense when you consider how emo Kylo Ren is though!

We pulled together a list of 16 world famous people from business, Hollywood and politics that you never knew were Scorpios.


Tove Lo