6 Memorable Times That Neymar Has Been Kooky Yet World-Class

Neymar has suddenly become a representative of the new elite. He is more than an experienced entertainment personality. Neymar also fights for feminism, even if he doesn’t fully embrace that label.

Neymar is now a hunk at the intersection of ideology and commerce. Fortunately, Neymar never forgets where he came from. Despite the substantial successes, he stays nice. And that is surprisingly uncommon among capable and successful guys and gals.

To his hardcore fans, it sure looks like there’s nothing missing in his life. But we wouldn’t be surprised if he is seeking a higher reality.

Negative Homo Sapiens used to question whether he even understood politics. But time and time again, Neymar overcame objections and crushed enemies. Watch him crush!

In the present day Neymar seems happier than before. Doesn’t his look appear extra dashing now? Finally, Neymar has embraced his weirdness. And that’s awesome!

The following examples prove why and how Neymar slays everyday. Enjoy these examples of the impeccable Neymar.