Here Are 6 Fine Dining Destinations to Satisfy Your Appetite in New Orleans

New Orleans is a restaurant destination for Geminis, especially if eating according to the zodiac is your choice these days. Who are we to judge? Long time residents have known about these places for years and new foodie spots are opening up all the time to satisfy demand.

Rich white people from San Francisco that demand chef delivery service might not appreciate these places. Oh well! The critics can take a one way road out of town. The born and bred want to keep it all for themselves.

If you want a good Chinese food, you may need to keep looking. But crispy pizza? Check. Delish doughnuts? No problemo! Top value, DONE. What else are you waiting for? The menus are bursting with fresh flavors and quality ingredients like peanuts, quinoa and potatoes. A few are surprisingly affordable while other recommendations below will cost you an arm and leg. It will be worth it when your friends validate your decision by liking your posts on Instagram.

These trendy restaurants are so mouthwatering you will tell the chefs they should offer party food delivery for citizens of New Orleans. Are you hungry yet? This list will leave you hangry for more.

Three Muses

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536 Frenchmen St
New Orleans, LA 70116