13 Gut Busters Around Traverse City, Michigan

Traverse City, Michigan is one of the best places on earth for sustainable living. And that includes how and where people eat. Delicious dishes await every turn in this town.

This really is not some fast food saturated wasteland anymore. Seriously, Tom Hiddleston can dine elsewhere for all we are concerned. This place isn’t pretentious.

Hungry for cutting edge vegan restaurants? Or maybe you just want an old standby to use up your restaurant coupons. These restaurants are perfect for that special business trip. If you are on a company account and can wine and dine clients with someone else’s cash, then these are ideal. Some are cheap eats while other recommendations are expensive eateries. All are Snapchat worthy so you can brag to your friends.

These restaurants are so good you will be asking if they also provide catering delivery service for weddings and other special events in Traverse City, Michigan. Jump in an Uber, hop in your truck or lace up your sneakers. You need to check in at one of these restaurants asap for a fine meal.


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800 Cottageview Dr
Ste 30
Traverse City, MI 49684