Surprise! 15 Celebs Who Are in Taylor Swift’s Squad

Taylor Swift has won over millions of music fans around the globe. And she has also won the hearts of some of the biggest celebrities on earth.

Tay Tay loves to boast about the luxurious lives of her glamorous squad on Instagram. The Taylor Swift squad includes a who’s who of the brightest names in Hollywood and the fashion runways like Blake Lively, Cara Delevinge and Jennifer Lawrence.

But there are some surprises on this VIP list too! Who knew Tay Tay had a soft spot for alternative singers like Lorde and Tove Lo?

We’ve investigated and compiled a starter guide to the Taylor Swift squad.  We suspect each member must bring something new and exciting to the table.

This squad can take on the biggest haters by sticking together as one unit. And that is pure inspiration for anyone who also has friends!

Shine bright like the crazy beautiful diamonds which you all are, Taylor Swift squad members!


Cara Delevinge