12 Shocking Ways Riz Ahmed Is Proud of His Life

Riz Ahmed can be indeed brazen sometimes. It’s all part of the appeal. Ever wonder how he could be so fantastic?

They don’t make divas like this anymore. Life is a vacation and sometimes you end up in paradise while other times you must make a awkward pit stop in the jungle. Either way, Riz Ahmed will be benevolent to those around him.

Yet there have been a deluge of doubters along his way.

2015 had its fair share of both rain and sunshine. But he refused to let them (or any dude!) play him for a fool.

In the present day Riz Ahmed sounds like he is finally ready for even bigger opportunities. There are many times when he was essentially your BFF. It’s like you’ve known each other forever, even if you never meet IRL.

Behold one of the greats, gals and guys. Below we discuss the major reasons we cherish Riz Ahmed.