Proud Michelle Obama on Her Hubby: “That’s My Man”

The Obamas each had their turn to excite the crowds at the Democratic National Convention this week in Philadelphia. America’s liberal party is in town to officially nominate Hillary Clinton as their candidate for the White House.

The Obamas want to help Hillary beat GOP contender Donald Trump. They also want to tout their own legacy in office.

Michelle, for one, is certainly proud of her husband Barack. President Obama directly countered Trump during his speech by saying ‘America is already great.’  Under the Flotus (First Lady of the United States) Twitter handle, Michelle Obama proudly approved, saying “That’s my Man”:

It’s been an amazing journey for the Obamas!

But let’s not forget their humble roots.  Here are some totally groovy pics of young Barack Obama and Michelle before they met, when he was living in Hawaii and she in Chicagoland.



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