8 Authentic Eateries to Understand Life In Lansing, Michigan

Lansing, Michigan is truly emerging as a destination in the Midwest for its amazing restaurants. Delicious does not even begin to describe these hella good foodie joints.

This ain’t no corn-fed cowtown anymore. Banker elites may prefer other places. It is no skin off the backs of the locals though. The locals in Lansing want to keep it all for themselves.

You could eat great steak. Or taste sustainable, organic vegetables grown right in Ingham County. We looked for the most iconic restaurants in the region when compiling this review. It’s a shame not to taste the best foods available with your family. Top quality dishes are meant to be shared.

These restaurants are perfect for business travelers, tourists and locals too in Lansing, Michigan. You can skip cooking tonight!

The Creole

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1218 Turner St
Lansing, MI 48906