13 Swank Restaurants for the True Experience of Buffalo, New York

Buffalo, New York has perfect restaurant special deals for families and friends. Picture primo eateries all over the map. That is the everyday truth experienced by the locals in this upstate metro.

Detractors could claim this area lives off food stamps and does not have solid delivery restaurants or even places to eat nearby. Global elites may prefer to eat in other places. Their disdain for Real America is palpable. And yet no one is that bothered in Buffalo. This place doesn’t need outside validation though. Residents can munch all they want at these hidden gems.

Whether you want to cruise to the nearest burger joint or take your taste buds to the next level, we have it all covered like gravy. These restaurants are perfect for that special business trip. If you are on a company account and can wine and dine clients with someone else’s cash, then these are ideal. Why not celebrate life with good friends, great wine and a quality plate of local food?

This might be the greatest list ever compiled of top eateries in Buffalo. Your tired taste buds will take a trip to flavor country.


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437 Ellicott St
Buffalo, NY 14203