13 Best Eating Options Within Alexandria, Louisiana

Alexandria, Louisiana is one of the best places on earth for sustainable living. And that includes how and where people eat along the Red River. Long time residents have known about these places for years and new foodie spots are opening up all the time to satisfy demand.

Even though this town deserves awards, there are people who haven’t seen the light yet. Who cares if Rachel Ray ever stops in to try these restaurants? She wouldn’t appreciate the fine food anyways. This place isn’t pretentious.

If you want a good burger, check. Great pizza, check. Great value, check. We tried to answer the big philosophical question: which restaurants are essential to taste around here? These are the institutions that define this region of the South.

These places help satify the question: feed me with a restaurant open late near me in Alexandria, Louisiana. Let’s eat!

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918 Foisy St
Alexandria, LA 71301