How Gig Harbor, Washington Still Contains Its Foodie Moms

Gig Harbor, Washington has a riveting history. Strolling through the village, people can feel the weight of history.

Farmers originally moved here for more space and less interference from the tough governments of that period. The goal was simply to feed themselves and their hungry families. Eventually though, all gals and guys worked to help sustain the booming economy of the West Coast. Because of the state of affairs back then, the repetitious meals were hardly ever dynamic. Washingtonians had to live on seasonal vegetation and domesticated animals that were inexpensive to maintain from the farmlands around Yakima, King or King counties. Much of the nectarines or grapes was destined for unsightly bowls of grub to feed the booming towns. Perhaps you may grasp why Starbucks felt lush at one time.

In modern times, food in Gig Harbor, Washington is refreshingly gallant. And the decors can be downright dignified at a few of the new pubs and saloons. Here is the reality about what’s happening. All locals should appreciate that the demographic mix of the community is evolving. Gen Xers are running brasseries now and they will moan in Zagats if the kitchen experts don’t bow to them like queens and kings. Presently, this is the reality for eaters all over this cosmos. Nevertheless, there is a silver lining to all this. There are now an excess of Greek and Jamaican brasseries. The people of the 1960s could never imagine all this primo variety!

Let’s feel satisfaction about the abundant saloons and bistros all over Washington. And especially, remember all the advantages of this area. You don’t need embellishments, gimmicks or grill-master wizardry when you have fresh nectarines or sweet cherries.

Premium products like soups, chowders and burritos tend to be made from scratch around the town. Gig Harbor, Washington today exhibits an enviable combination of humble values and ambitious foodie establishments.

These are the very best eateries in Gig Harbor, Washington. Relish the heritage.

Moctezuma’s Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar

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4628 Point Fosdick Dr NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98335