6 Proofs That Kim Kardashian Overcame Adversity. And Now She Is Awesome and Enchanting

Kim Kardashian is totally a super star and a class act in every way, like literally every single day. Plus, she will apparently rule forever. Kim Kardashian is one of the last major, bona fide superstars.

She is louder than a lion now. Fortuitously, Kim Kardashian never forgets where she came from. Despite the massive successes, she stays gracious. And that is surprisingly uncommon among capable and successful women and men.

Perspective is useful at this stage however.

2015 brought new highs and new lows. She is a vitalizing fighter though and she throws shade like a pro. If you bet against Kim Kardashian, you will likely lose.

Kim Kardashian did not take the bait back then and make these issues about her class, gender or race. However, she could have if she wanted to. Finally, Kim Kardashian has embraced her weirdness. And that’s awesome!

These cute images outline exactly how she built her unbelievable career. She is now a true rock star in our book. Time to recap the best of Kim Kardashian.