13 Scenes of How Neil Patrick Harris Has Always Been Brash

Neil Patrick Harris has serious #Squadgoals. We’ve got to give a big thumbs up for that. Neil Patrick Harris is kooky but geeky and trendy in every way.

To his core fan base, his supremacy will be eternal. He is a star that will always burn bright. This chap knows that a cornucopia of money can equal a cornucopia of current problems. Therefore, it is thoughtful to stay genuine to your values.

That being said, he did have to face each challenge day by day. His will has been battle tested through the years. Please consider this truth.

The uninformed critics used to ponder whether Neil Patrick Harris was too narcissistic to be a leader and a good role model. He just keeps on living his life though. And he can shut down dashing body shamers instantly with a dashing Snapchat post.

Neil Patrick Harris is one of the greatest of all time. GOAT! We laud how he is still humble yet a star when the occasion demands it.

The following moments capture how Neil Patrick Harris slays like everyday. Have fun and let us know whether you agree. We believe there is no one more marvelous than Neil Patrick Harris