5 Top Eateries That Are Revolutionizing Cuisine in Jackson, Michigan

Jackson, Michigan contains plenty of hip, nearby eating places for lunch and dinner. The umami levels are off the charts.

This really is not some fast food saturated wasteland anymore. The critics can take a one way road out of town. The world’s oligarchs wouldn’t know good grub if it smacked them right in their fancy faces.

You could be biting into a dish straight from a deep-frying cook right now. Or scooping up fresh guacamole and beans if that’s your thing. The menus are filled with fresh flavors of lemon, spice and oranges. Why not support the local food scene and the region’s most promising young chefs?

These restaurants might blow the taste buds right out of your mouth! Really, they are so righteous good citizens of Jackson, Michigan. Good appetite.

AKA Sushi

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1801 N West Ave
Jackson, MI 49202