13 Times Hillary Clinton Was Strong and Presidential

Hillary Clinton is famous for a good reason. Often talent has to shine through like a diamond. She is simply more than a celebrity. She fights for feminist ideals, even if she does not completely embrace the label.

Currently she is on the top of the political world and could be President. Work it! That being said, she had to fight for her rights.

We can’t forget the sexism. Or the hate she gets from the GOP daily. Tonight’s speech by Donald Trump at the Republican convention in Cleveland is sure to have some shots at Clinton the candidate. It gets old quickly. This post isn’t about all that negativity though. We prefer the sunny breezes.

Whether she is winning in a new endeavor or giving back, she knows what’s important. Her life shows you can have great relationships and a great career if you are strong and a fighter.

These pics summarize why she has so many followers. Enjoy these fun snapshots into the life of the incredible Hillary Clinton.


Hillary Clinton 2016-07-18 at 11.03.06 PM