These Are the Saddest “Universities” in the World

If you need to get an education, you could pursue a fancy diploma from a traditional university like Kansas State, Harvard or Georgia Tech.

But let’s be real: at the end of four years you’ll have a pile of debt, a few funny memories and some excellent Google searching skills.

Why not save a few bucks and get your degree from a university that can actually make you some money?  Turns out a bunch of corporations are launching their own universities to do just that. Take that Obama!

But upon further investigation, these seem like a lame bargain.  Here are the saddest “Universities” in the world.


Salesforce University

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At Salesforce University, you pay Salesforce for training on how to use Salesforce, a software program to track sales leads.  Online courses range from $850 to $4,250 per course.




Hamburger University

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Over 275,000 McDonald’s franchisees, employees and suppliers have graduated from Hamburger University since 1961. McDonald’s even claims to employ 19 full-time “professors” at its on-site training facility in Oak Brook, IL.  Franchisees pay $145 for a staff member to take the course and they also have to cover flights, meals and accommodations for the week.
 Display University


Learn how to fill the web with banner ads at Display University by AOL’s division. AOL will cover tuition because they more you know about online ads, the more banners you’ll buy.



Oracle University

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At Oracle University, you won’t learn how to look into a crystal ball and tell the future. Oracle makes computer systems and their university trains you to be certified in their products. At least you could make some coin, if their blog is to be believed.



Disney College

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Disney College isn’t about boring stuff like math and philosophy! At Disney College, students get to live at Disney World and learn about working at Disney by actually working at the theme parks.  But there is a catch: they have very strict guidelines on the “Disney Look” including clean cut hair and no tattoos or piercings.



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