Are You a Real Mainer? We Can Tell in Just 5 Questions

These days, all the hipsters are rocking flannel and wearing boat shoes and bean boots. And their yuppie cousins are enjoying farm to table food from local sources.

The Maine way is suddenly trendy!

However, you city folks can’t just start calling yourself a ‘real Mainer’ because you tasted Moxie and skied at Sunday River. There’s a whole lot more to Maine than Portland, Acadia National Park and Steven King.

While you may appreciate Maine during the tourist season, in reality it takes years of living through harsh winters to truly appreciate ‘the way life should be’!

Take this quiz below to find out how Maine you really are.

Are You a Real Mainer? Prove it with this quiz! What is an Italian?
A sandwich. Salt, pepper and oil, yes.
Someone from Italy
A guido from the Jersey Shore

Which minority is next door?
A French speaker
A Somali Refugee
An Asian

What is Uncle Henry's
A new Broadway play that was reviewed in New York Times
My distant relative who became a Catholic priest
How I Pay My Bills

What's the County?
A geographic and political subdivision of a state
Les comtés du Québec
A vast uninhabited wilderness where Caribou is actually a town

What's a Red Snapper?
A tasty fish
Supper in a split top bun or a pot of beans
A classy cocktail made with Crown Royal

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