8 Ways Megyn Kelly Is Powerful and Smart

Megyn Kelly may seem like a basic occasionally. However she has so much more to offer. She has street smarts and a keen intellect. Her motives are true even though it may seem like she is playing up the drama.

Nowadays Megyn Kelly is a beloved celebrity known as a symbol of female empowerment. However, before we get to the fun, there are some things you need to know first.

Her celebrated life has had its fair share of ackward moments in the public eye. She had to deal with sexual harassment. People even openly commented on her weight and look. Yet overcoming adversity is why she’s great.

For sure, she has her priorities now. Everyone needs to blow off steam and she seems so happy to just be dancing through life.

She knows how to dress to impress and can project her power in many ways. And make sure her voice is heard on important matters.

Inspiration awaits. Below is a list explaining why we like Megyn Kelly.


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