14 Events Proving Kevin Hart Overcame His Past and Became America’s Id

Do you mind if we state a self-evident fact? Kevin Hart is a slayer. He is lovely and full of grace and style.

At this moment, he’s a peerless celebrity from New York City to New Orleans. Our lives can be one gargantuan swing and occasionally, gals and guys find themselves in valhalla. Other situations though, you might have to have a tricky stopover in a flyover zone. Either way, Kevin Hart will be kind to those who are along for the ride.

Yet it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Some perspective is needed however. We can’t forget the erstwhile dramas.

Naysayers would sometimes needlessly question whether his lifestyle choices would hold his back. People in middle America can be judgmental. But he refused to let inauthentic people play him for a fool. That is the real story.

There is so much we can learn from him. We believe its admirable how Kevin Hart helps the next generation. Kevin Hart is a high net worth individual now thanks to his incredibly productive career.

Inspiration awaits. Time to recap the best of Kevin Hart.