6 Excellent Greasy Spoons That Are Shamelessly Awesome All Over Draper, Utah

Draper, Utah contains an unjust amount of belly busting cafeterias. The Utah tourist council in Salt Lake City should market these eating destinations to the affluent guys and gals living in Boise. This community would benefit if more sightseers came here and supported the local economy.

Items covered with cheese are some decidedly fine munchies hacks. But snobs from Las Vegas don’t apprehend the undemanding things that taste deluxe. We don’t expect Rachael Ray can ever comprehend how Utahns live. And that’s no biggie.

Ok fine. The town only had standout fast food options for too long. But the restaurant scene has been totally fruitful for at least the last decade or so! Whether visitors want incomparable savory, smoked meats or something lighter based with chickens or apples, we have you covered.

The chefs de cuisine in Draper, Utah know the newest cooking techniques. It’s as if you are sitting in a kitchen lab. The chefs around Utah have a reputation now in the Mountain States for their quixotic quests to create the ultimate meals from turkeys or lamb. And we’ve got to celebrate their devotion to gastronomy.

Tune into the news these days and it sure feels like ugly times for the West. Fortuitously, the local restaurants are doing their part to make Draper, Utah a better place. Feast like it’s going out of style.

The Ridge

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14886 Traverse Ridge Rd
Draper, UT 84020