6 Exquisite Greasy Spoons for Family-Style Dining Near East Greenwich, Rhode Island

East Greenwich, Rhode Island offers a torrent of awesomeness at its tasty taverns and canteens. The grub is wicked good in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. We can’t stop raving about it.

The dining stories from East Greenwich, Rhode Island deserve to be told in the local newspapers. Newsflash: the top luncheonettes and dining clubs around these parts aren’t trying to thrill the critics from Philly.

According to gastronomists from NYC who visited Rhode Island last Black Friday, this hood is now a favorite. We hear you can’t go wrong with any of the cheeseburgers and fries on these menus.

The restaurants are perfect for that once in a blue moon, special occasion. Or if you are really hangry and need to feed your crew. Pats fans report that a few eateries here are hidden gems while others are known spots for bank-busting nights on the town. Do not be concerned, for all are relevant for Facebook bragging.

You may want to mention to the rakish waiter that you discovered their restaurant on the Exception Magazine. Who knows, maybe they will extend a small discount?! Anticipate your feast at the most fine gruberies from this world.

Greenwich Bay Oyster Bar

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240 Main St
East Greenwich, RI 02818