8 Tremendous Restaurants to Live It Up Right Around Clinton, Connecticut

Clinton, Connecticut has indeed put itself on the map in the Northeast for its magnificent restaurant scene. The coffee and cupcakes are so right in the Land of Steady Habits.

This patch of the Northeast is totes a mysterious gem for tofu or tempeh. Just don’t compare this area to the overhyped food scenes in Boston, Brooklyn or Portland! That’s all hullabaloo to real Connecticutians.

Cheerful restaurants exist to serve the average women and men and not the trite women and men like Tom Cruise. This article has you covered, whether you are starving for savory, smoked meats or a lighter dish based on turnips, tomatoes and squash.

Clients will be amazed at how they incorporate seemingly random ingredients like fiddleheads and kohlrabi throughout the meal. These tantalizing foodie spots tend to be bohemian. But we’ve also included a handful which serve the masses.

Tune into the news these days and it sure feels like disgusting times for New England. Thankfully, the local temples of feasting are doing their part to make Clinton, Connecticut a better place. Get your munch on in paradise, women and men of Clinton, Connecticut.

The Log Cabin

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232 East Main Street
Clinton, CT 06413