10 Baller Restaurants That Everyone Must Try In Rome, Italy

Rome is stuffed with appetizing restaurants. It’s worth a trip to Italy just to see how these chefs slay.

This town might not unseat NYC as a culinary capital. Yet none of that really makes much of a difference around here. This place doesn’t need outside validation though. Residents in Rome (or Roma to the locals) can munch all they want at these hidden gems.

You could be biting into grilled cheese right now. Or trying local grown, fresh veg. These restaurants are perfect for gluttony. And there are options for people on a diet or living gluten free. These eateries will satisfy the most discerning palates.

These places help satify the question: feed me with a restaurant open late near me in Rome. Good appetite, dear readers.


La Prosciutteria

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Via della Panetteria 34A
Centro Storico
00187 Roma