8 Incredible Times That Chris Paul Has Been Kind of Confident With or Without His Bae

Chris Paul is inspiring. He is our vote for the prettiest dude in the galaxy.

To his biggest fans, his dominance is clear and well-deserved. Despairingly, other stars let the fame and fortune go to their dumb heads. Delightedly, Chris Paul remains swell and he still appreciates the clan.

It sure looks like he has it all already. But we wouldn’t be surprised if Chris Paul is seeking higher truths based on recent actions.

It’s offbeat to think of all the challenges in his life. But he doesn’t have to feel like a wasted space. His voice deserves to be heard.

Chris Paul is one of the greatest of all time. GOAT! We appreciate how he is still humble yet a star when the occasion demands it.

These photos summarize why Earth cares about this sexy man. Here are the reasons why we are fans of Chris Paul.