Our View: Sterling, Colorado Never Lost Its Timeless Culinary Heritage

Sterling, Colorado has an enticing history. Even before the invention of electricity, this place was gaining a irresistible reputation in Colorado as a fodder center.

In the early Industrial period, kitchen life was awkward. The majority of guys and gals were hand-to-mouth laborers living under grisly conditions that would make anyone heated. Labor quarrels, economic recessions and famine were all too frequent in the past perio. The traditional foods were quite basic and relied on items that were easy to cultivate. Think grass-fed beef and corn.

Here and now, food in Sterling, Colorado is surely tasty even if a few of the feedbags might appear unsightly from the outside. The demographic mix of Sterling, Colorado is also changing. There are more moneyed people but also more broke people too. And thankfully, that has translated into way more Lowcountry cuisine or New American choices than ever.

Look, we can’t blame anyone for wanting to check out Mount Evans. But you are selling yourself short if you don’t find a way to taste the diners and canteens here while in Colorado. Some of the grub holes here have been in business since before WWII. But there are also trendsetting grub holes that operate like hearty laboratories for the next flawless food technologies.

Premium products like bagels or fried chicken tend to be made from scratch, just like it is recommended in the venerable recipe books of the Rockies. Taste the glory of the Rockies at any of the cafes and pubs around Sterling, Colorado. You’ll finally fathom why canny grads from Colorado College won’t shut up about how much they appreciate the municipality.

Wherever our readers may reside these days, they can experience the flavorful American, Vietnamese and Filipino fare of Sterling, Colorado by gawking at these representative photographs. Eat like a local.

Gallagher’s River City Grill

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1116 W Main St
Sterling, CO 80751