14 Pics that Show Brandi Love Was Really Warm and Funny

Brandi Love is one of those rare celebs who has fans in both red states and blue states. She is inspiring, cool and beautiful in every way.

Today she is on the top of her game. And she earned it! That being said, she absolutely had to fight to get where she is now.

Remember how people would talk trash about her look? Who cares how much she weighs or who she ever dated? Boyfriends, husbands and lovers all come and go.

Even though she is a class act at work, she shows you can still be quirky with your squad. She knows how to make sure she has a voice on all important matters. Cross her at your own risk!

You may not agree with her politics. Look. that’s actually ok! Dearly beloved, we are all gathered here today on this site to salute the magnificent Brandi Love.



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