15 Tasty Restaurants for Serious Foodies In Orangeburg, South Carolina

Orangeburg, South Carolina is not a seedy backwater anymore! Its restaurants are stuffed with dishes both palatable and succulent. Both natives and transplants agree that the food scene deserves more recognition.

This is not a flyover zone anymore and the perception needs to update. To be honest with you dear readers, Anthony Bourdain and his crew could grub somewhere else and that would not bother these residents one iota. You could write a PhD thesis on how these amazing restaurants have changed the culture for the better.

Whether you want to cruise to the nearest burger joint or take your taste buds to the next level, we have it all covered like gravy. Just think of all the special days in our lives: Fourth of July, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day etc. You want to spend them at a superlative restaurant. It’s all about showing the essential places to dine year round.

Millennials have been raving about these tasty places for a reason in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Jump in an Uber, hop in your truck or lace up your sneakers. You need to check in at one of these restaurants asap for a fine meal.

Antley’s Bar-BQ

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1370 Sims St
Orangeburg, SC 29115