HANGRY ALERT: 15 Authentic Destinations In Vallejo, California

Vallejo, California is truly emerging as a destination for its tasty restaurants. Superfood secrets are taking local cuisine to the next level.

Detractors could claim this area lives off food stamps and does not have solid delivery restaurants or even places to eat nearby. The international money set may prefer to dine in other places. Their ridicule for Real America is overwhelming isn’t it? But guess what: no one here gives a rip! This place isn’t pretentious.

Need to impress a picky millennial tonight? Or maybe you need to take Dad out for dinner. The following gruberies range from hotspots for a powerluncheon to candlelit, cute places for a fun night on the town. Some are casual for chilling with your bros while others are for dressing up to impress your boss.

This is most likely the greatest list ever compiled of the best restaurants in Vallejo, California. Good appetite.

Princess Garden

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960 Admiral Callaghan Ln
Vallejo, CA 94591