6 Lunch Spots for Tourists Visiting Orlando, Florida

Orlando, Florida is one of those cute ‘under the radar’ places that we all dream about from our boring desk jobs. Close your eyes and stroll down Main Street. Now picture yourself eating at one of its top restaurants. Look beyond the roadside dinners and dives for tasty treats await nearby.

Have you speculated that this town is all filled with Chipotle, Little Caesars and Dairy Queen? Wow that’s an ignorant view. Who cares if the secret family recipes are promoted on the Food Network? You could write a zillion blog posts on how these inspiring restaurants have changed life around here. Cookbooks could be filled with their recipes.

If you are in the mood for seafood, then it’s no problem. Or if you prefer pizza, that’s ok too. These restaurants are so good you will likely score a second date! These truly are the grub holes that make this town one of the most special places to eat.

These restaurants are so tasty you will want to ask the chefs if its possible to order dinner online nextime in Orlando, Florida. Time to grub.

The Smiling Bison

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745 Bennett Rd
Orlando, FL 32803