10 Tasty Eateries with the Finest Chefs in Evansville, Indiana

Evansville, Indiana should be on every tourist map for food! Fine food is everywhere if you are willing to look for it.

If you think this place is owned by Chipotle and Burger King, you would be so wrong. Seriously, Taylor Swift and her squad can dine elsewhere for all we are concerned. This is the type of city that Sarah Palin would label “Real America” and that makes us all feel good.

Whether you want an Italian restaurant, American food or fresh vegetarian for lunch or dinner, the following hip restaurants will keep the whole family coming back for seconds. These restaurants are essential to our dining lives. It’s all about showing the essential places to dine year round.

Let us settle the meatless Mondays argument by trying these cheerful eateries. Time to grub.

Gerst Bavarian Haus

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2100 W Franklin St
Evansville, IN 47712