8 Fine Dining Options Which Make Food Into Art in San Luis Obispo, California

San Luis Obispo, California simply has the best grub joints in the country. Don’t believe us? Let’s suppose you are already sold and ready to ask your smartphone: find places to eat near me! You need to check out these restaurant suggestions.

Rich white people from San Francisco that demand chef delivery service might not appreciate these places. Oh well! TV chefs like Gordan Ramsay can yell at the kitchen crew in some other city.This foodie town doesn’t care if Guy Fieri highlights it on food TV.

Still think this town is all about rice and beans? You need to upgrade your view! These restaurants are so good you will likely score a second date!Taste any of these delicious dishes and you will be crawling back for more. They are simply that good.

Try Open Table, the cell phone, email. You may need to get reservations for these hotspots in San Luis Obispo, California. Let us grub now.

Luna Red

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1023 Chorro St
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401