14 Eating Houses that Only Hangry Millennials Can Understand In Garland, Texas

Garland, Texas is finally getting top-rate reviews in online restaurant guides. Look beyond the roadside dinners and dives for tasty treats await nearby.

Rich techies from San Francisco that want chef delivery service may not understand these places to eat. But that’s their issue, not ours. Rachel Ray probably wouldn’t appreciate this place and its fine cuisine.This region really is full of hidden gems.

Want seafood tonight? Or maybe bacon is how you want to party. We tried to answer the tough question: What is essential to eat here? since there are so many solid choices for dining.A few here are stunningly affordable for people on a budget. But they still seem glamorous. Your friends will be jealous of your life and like your new food posts on Facebook.

Millennials have been raving about these tasty places for a reason in Garland, Texas. Feast your hearts out America.

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3325 W Walnut St
Ste 400
Garland, TX 75042