18 Super Cafes and Bistros Around Athens, Alabama

When you think of Athens, Alabama, you seemingly think of the eccentric Alabamans. It’s understandable if the eateries were an afterthought. But times have indeed changed. The grub spots are long recognized for using outstanding meat for burgers and the freshest veggies for side dishes and appetizers. There are also sublime things happening now with recipes that rely on catfish and peanuts.

This is not the badlands anymore and the perception needs to be revised. For real though: Seth Rogen can eat somewhere else.

The locals in Athens, Alabama are famished to keep all the savory dishes as their own secret. That includes the eccentric way they prep a sirloin steak dinner served with fries and garnished with organic peaches, apples or nectarines. Firstly, all of these marvelous munch factories are masterly selections if you must satisfy your cute wife or parched husband tonight.

Very often, tourists report how the nice waiters and waitresses always attempt to recommend the most astonishing dishes for you. The intensity of flavor is sensational at any restaurant around this district.

We won’t waste your time with anything but the most essential food factories in Athens, Alabama. Enjoy feasting on these recommended brasseries and bistros.

Ro’s Grille

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300 E Hobbs St
Athens, AL 35611