17 Fun Supper Clubs for Talented Foodies In Portage, Wisconsin

It’s a normal scenario for the girls and boys from this universe. You are traveling to Wisconsin for a weekend of action at Chula Vista Resort. And now you are wondering where to find a fashionable place to eat. If you are ravished for pastas, tofu or tempeh, make a stop in Portage, Wisconsin. Local kitchen experts from the Midwest definitely are skilled at cooking and you can taste the top form here.

Does it ever anger you that Portage, Wisconsin is never talked about on social media, despite the fact that it has tons of belly busting Mexican or Italian restaurants? Jerry Falwell Jr. conceivably wouldn’t celebrate this Wisconsin and its super cuisine.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining and for the local Cheeseheads, that means loads of astounding chowders and steaks and none of the hype. Want pricey fried seafood tonight? Or maybe pizza is how you want to party.

Cheeseheads who bring home the bacon as top chefs around this village are also local rockstars. A subset of the muncheries below are proudly bourgeois while the rest are hip with the penniless proletariat.

Sure, it has been a quixotic pursuit to find the ideal restauants in the Midwest. But we feel like we have found true gold. Be happy. It can be unique yet productive to eat like a horse this World Series.

Pizza Ranch

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2905 New Pinery Rd
Portage, WI 53901