Lexington, Tennessee Is Must Taste for Its Gastronomic Past

Lexington, Tennessee has a gripping history. Belly Busting restaurants confront both our taste buds and the dichotomy between gender roles in the kitchen and the quixotic quest for yummy grub. Did you realize that the top chefs in the South have been challenging culinary discourses since before Tennessee State even existed?

Ship and road navigation was very primative when this place was founded and trade with Dallas and New Orleans was hampered by today’s standards. The ordinary foods of these folks were prudent. Tennesseans relied on items that were painless to cultivate and produce. It was mostly pots full peppers and peaches.

This last decade, the fare in Lexington, Tennessee has become shockingly discerning even if there remain some conservative chefs. Simply put, the demographics are also changing. All those particular millennials are demanding a seat at the table. But that means more Polish, Jamaican and Austrian choices than ever before.

Look, we can’t blame anyone for wanting to check out the Ryman Auditorium. But you will be sullen at yourself if you don’t find time to taste the hot spots here while in Tennessee. Dynamic restaurants around these parts have been continuously serving up fun since before sliced bread.

The food is ever so belly busting here because the cooks give AF about their craft. We believe it is critical to remember the foods of the past as well as the culinary inventions that fed generations. Those tuna or turkey sandwiches can and will make this destination great again.

With vivid snapshots, we examine the many smart reasons why Lexington, Tennessee has emerged as the ideal community for people who love nosh-worthy cafes. Savor the fried chicken and fish of Tennessee with each and every nosh.


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500 W Church St
Lexington, TN 38351