7 Cool Examples of How Jen Selter Was Surprisingly Our Inspiration

If you want to follow an inspirational women, you need to check out the Facebook pages of Jen Selter. Jen Selter is idiosyncratic but geeky and respected in every way.

In the present day she decidedly rules the Internet with every single selfie. Her posts always go viral. Our sister realizes that there oodles of temptations for booming men and women. Jen Selter knows she must stay kindhearted and keep her integrity around self-centered men and women.

We should think about the context however. There were epic hassles and hustles to handle. It seemed like a total, dreary grind in the earlier days.

The picky naysayers secretly used to whisper if she had the foxy looks to last in a field where beauty still matters to the public. It’s not fair! She just keeps on living her life though. And she can shut down dignified body shamers instantly with a dignified Twitter post.

Whether Jen Selter is setting off for a new initiative or giving back in her home town, she knows what’s truly important. And often that includes squad. The life of Jen Selter proves that today’s women might not be able to have it all but they are getting closer. Slay!

Have fun and remember to believe in yourself. We can’t wait to see what happens next. Here is proof our lassie is going to rule for a while!