7 Belt Busting Supper Clubs with Unflappable Chefs In Farmington, Connecticut

Farmington, Connecticut assurdely provides more than enough palatable foodie hubs. There are many eateries that have made a name as healthy places to eat. You can make that the logo for restaurant businesses here in the Constitution State.

Nevertheless, there are still some naysayers that haven’t given Farmington, Connecticut a fair chance yet. In earnest, Brody Jenner can chow in New York City and Boston for all we are concerned.

This gloriously provincial town doesn’t need celebrity chef validation. These suave chefs de cuisine know how to properly incorporate cantaloupes, cauliflower and apples in their menus. Many ingredients are shipped in from Middlesex or Fairfield counties.

These epicurean experts are complete bosses behind the scenes. Each and every dish is cooked to perfection. Big city chefs would be jealous of the ideal eateries in Farmington, Connecticut.

After vigorous debate, we have designated the very top choices in Southern New England. This is a complete and (we hope!) accurate survey of the cuisine in Farmington, Connecticut. Let’s eat!

Piccolo Arancio

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819 Farmington Ave
Farmington, CT 06032