7 Scrumptious Restaurants for Perceptive Millennials In Happy Valley, Oregon

Seeking some primo new munch spot to fill your ravenous belly? Consider Happy Valley, Oregon. Imagine excellent foodie temples everywhere. That is the everyday reality enjoyed by the born and bred locals.

We believe Happy Valley, Oregon deserves piles of awards and recognition for being standout. However there are who haven’t had a moment to taste the grandeur yet. ICYMI: no one here is distressed about that.

This town is not parched for celebrity chef validation. The perfect platings in Happy Valley, Oregon are often eye-popping chow presentations. They often cause newbies to live like pleasuremongers. You may not feel that hot after loading up your gut but your body will be feeling perfect.

You may be bitter at first by how these canny kitchen experts use Italian herbs like oregano and basil in non-Italian hot dogs and milk shakes. But it all works in the end. Some of the original food joints below are proudly gauche for chilling with your penniless bros while others are bourgeois Soul Food or Portuguese spots.

We have gone on a quixotic inquiry for the finest chow. And we have found some true treasures. Hey there Oregonians! Let’s gather to grub.

Nori Sushi

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12450 SE 82nd Ave
Happy Valley, OR 97086