5 Timeless Restaurants for Enlightened Foodies In Fryeburg, Maine

Fryeburg, Maine absolutely offers more than enough high-profile food joints. Piquant tastes and aromas await every turn around Sagadahoc and Kennebec counties. And this town in particular is worth it.

The food scene in Maine will make any authentic chef jealous. But for whatever reason, there are still doubters out there, particularly when it comes to the seafood or Mexican options. Clearly, those boys and girls are barking up the wrong tree though.

This town doesn’t fret if Jamie Oliver hypes it up or not either. Whether you laud perfect beef, pork or chicken and desire this for your main meal, there are healthy canteens and watering holes ready in Fryeburg, Maine.

At the most baller feeding troughs in Fryeburg, Maine, the perceptive staff will offer knowledgeable picks to pair the right microbrews or wine with the food. A handful of grub holes are affordable while others are wallet-busting and original for dressing up.

Finding a excellent place to grub is as straightforward as apple pie. Good appetite, butterfly.

302 West Smokehouse & Tavern

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636 Main St
Fryeburg, ME 04037