11 Baller Munch Institutions Serving the Community Around North Bend, Oregon

It is a very typical scenario. You are traveling to Salem for work. And now you are curious where to eat. If you are starving for chowders and fried fish, make a stop in North Bend, Oregon. It appears that many of the unique culinary traditions are indeed rooted in this region’s eccentricities.

All that being said, too many wannabe bloggers and smart, self-proclaimed critics have not given the respectful restaurateurs in North Bend, Oregon a fair chance to demonstrate what they may accomplish. Sad! Unfair! The global moneyset may very well prefer to munch in upscale, more notorious cities. Their dislike of places like North Bend, Oregon is quite unmistakable. And yet no one here is that bothered by it all.

This gloriously provincial neighborhood doesn’t need celebrity chef validation. Feeling like Cuban, Sicilian or Vegetarian tonight? Or maybe effortless food will fill you up.

These Oregon saloons are perfect for diets actually. Although be careful of the portion sizes. We prefer the cafeterias and supper clubs that offer salty, savory dishes mixed with sweet and sour accents. If you are urbane, be sure to seek them out.

Are these places definitely a sign of a jumbo gastronomy apocalypse or a looming age of culinary enlightenment? Only you can decide after tasting the munchies. Do the right thing, denizens. Support the local economy by sharing this on Snapchat.

Yeong’s Place

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1120 Virginia Ave
North Bend, OR 97459