5 Interesting Saloons and Bistros with Mad Scientist Cooks Near Austell, Georgia

Austell, Georgia is a restaurant haven for new parents and their ravenous kids. Locals have been singing the praise of these chefs and now boys and girls in other states and even the Canadian provinces have taken notice.

Yet in spite the epic gains in the chow scene, too many unintelligent critics are unintelligent of this reality. Who cares if Jorge Ramos ever stopped in to try these restaurants? Those clueless Hollywood types wouldn’t treasure the fine food anyways.

We would truly battle any crazy blogger from Charlotte and Charleston in the noble court of culinary opinion over this. After our win, we would truly celebrate by feasting at one of these eating establishments in Austell, Georgia. Feeling like American and Southern tonight? Or maybe painless food will fill you up.

Our food experts looked for the most iconic restaurants in the Southeast when compiling this review. The gay citizens of Austell, Georgia have reported that a select set of grub holes here are totally local secrets while others are well-known even in Jacksonville or Charlotte for the nourishment. Have no doubt, all are worthy of Snapchat bragging.

We all need to unearth new places to dine now and then. The zany snapshots below will leave you with something to chew on.

Dolly’s Farmhouse

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4985 Austell Rd
Ste 300
Austell, GA 30106