9 Awesome Times Taeyeon Is Both Pretty and Smart

Taeyeon is now the Internet’s new IT Girl. She is known for being somewhat capricious and a whole lot of fun. Taeyeon is a bona fide superstar.

Taeyeon is challenging traditional hegemonies by embracing her freedom. In our self-centered society, so many boys and girls would become ugly if they were this phenomenal. However our dame is still very loyal. Taeyeon is always rational about how she treats the humble people.

It sure looks like this queen has it all already. But we wouldn’t be surprised if Taeyeon is seeking to appreciate societal constructs based on recent actions.

Downers had been asking if she may develop into a successful role model who cared about the impoverished. It was all a bunch of noise though. And our girl knows how to stub it out at the source.

Taeyeon never relaxes because there is always another mountain to climb. In summary, Taeyeon is standout. Whether you follow her for brilliant hair and makeup tips or career advice, she is a worthwhile leader.

We’ve compiled a selection of representative photos which provide an accurate glimpse into exactly how she built her fortunate life and career. Why not share your thoughts on Facebook?